Thanks for joining me! 2018 is a big year! I talked a lot about doing a cross-country road trip in 2017 way back in 2016 but 2017 took me in a completely different direction, however, times have changed and life moves on and so do I.

Just a quick little bit about myself before getting back to that road trip.

Some would say otherwise but I always saw myself as a shy quiet guy but I barely believe that anymore. Writing a blog and sharing so much with so many people would have been out of the question just a few short years ago.

The last couple years have been completely life-altering, and really you should try to see the same from every day but I digress. I have experienced and learned more about life in such a condensed amount of time it is unbelievable. I owe it mostly to accepting offers and invitations that I probably would have refused in the past, making a plan and accepting that it is just that a plan, nothing is ever set in stone and they can change on an ongoing basis. Trust me they do.

For example this year I planned to spend up to 2 weeks in each province starting from Vancouver Island next week and ending in Newfoundland by the end of the year, driving from one province to the next. I was pretty set on a timeline. Randomly out of the blue I had a friend call me up about some cheap flights to the Cook Islands and now right in the middle of my cross-country road trip I’ll be flying to the Cook Islands for my birthday and on top of that I met a flight attendant who works in our northern territories and now I’m thinking how would a cross-country trip be complete if I didn’t check out our territories? Whoops, I’m getting carried away again. I’ll try and keep that to a minimum.

I’d like to take this incredible opportunity to help spread the greatness and joy that we as Canadians have the freedom to experience and share it with the world.

So I’ve got a rough idea of which provinces/territories during which months but I really have no clue what to do and where to check out so I’m reaching out to you guys to help me out!

I’ll post another post shortly about where I’ll be and when but right now I need some ideas of things to do on the Island. This is what has been suggested so far in no particular order.

Dates: January 24th to February 3rd

  • Tofino Brewing Company, apparently the kelp stout is interesting but is a must try!
  • Surf at North Chesterman Beach for the best surfing.

1 goal to complete while on this cross-country experience is was to jump into the ocean on the west and east coast, I’d really really like to add the arctic ocean to that goal now.

  • Goto Red Fish Blue Fish in the inner harbor.
  • Also, check out Phillips brewery and get a blue buck, it’s the OG.

As you can see the list isn’t that big and other than getting in the ocean in the middle of January they don’t really hit on the points mentioned in my mission.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey, I look forward to hearing from you. If there is something you’ve always wanted to check out, have checked out and believed that it was a once in a lifetime experience anywhere in Canada, or know and can put me in touch with people that could help me experience all this great country has to offer, please share.

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