The Bug Zoo Nope, Miniature World

Location: 649 Humboldt St, Victoria, BC V8W 1A7

Originally we hit the town looking for parking close to the bug zoo but ended up being drawn down a charming outside corridor called Nootka court and what do you know when we got to the other side Miniature world was right across the street, so my 5-year-old self pushed my 9-year-old self out of the way and we headed straight in.

With over 50+ displays it took well over 2 hours to complete the self-guided tour. They grab your attention right away by leading you through a sci-fi hallway with a dozen or so interpretations of the future. Then once through the big enterprise looking door at the end, you are shot right back into the past with dioramas from the Many of the worlds historical wars (Probably my favorite area) with incredible detail.

Then onto a long wrap around diorama of Canada in 1885 with the railroad running through each major city from coast to coast and a bunch of era poster promoting explorers to travel west. working its way through the wild west and eventually to a large early 1900s car show with tons of little details that you’re likely to miss if you are not paying attention.

From there it leads you through many of the most popular fairy tales that we all grew up with including Jack in the beanstalk, Gullivers travels, Santa’s workshop (with a fairly ugly Santa if I don’t say so myself), Snow White and the seven dwarves and many more.

After that, I must say it kinda went downhill displaying half a dozen fairly boring much larger scale (doll) houses. I guess they aren’t really my thing. I guess that’d be kinda the low point because from there the amped it back up a bit and we got to experience a huge circus set with many moving parts and little details. then a whole set of dioramas depicting the world of King Arthur and Merlin. before kicking you right out the door and onto the street, lol.


All in all, it was a pretty interesting experience that may or may not have been better than the bug zoo but interesting enough drain two phones worth of batteries taking photos!



  1. It was a fun experience that is for sure. My inner photographer captured tons of realistic looking shots from the miniatures version of people from the past.
    Thank you for the experience

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