One of Victoria’s many and largest parks and the first place I touched the west coast waters on this trip. Mount Douglas Park is dog-friendly with easy, moderate and difficult hikes, circling and going up it. It starts from the ocean and goes all the way to its peak that offers an enjoyable experience whatever your skill level. No wonder it’s a local favorite offering some breathtaking views along the way.


You are bound to run into many dogs enjoying the hike with their owners, so if you are walking your pup off leash, be sure to keep them fairly close. If you are not careful you can accidentally veer from the marked paths just like we did. Right about where the GPS in the video below starts we took some goat paths to the top for a unique and more challenging experience. Due to some technical or user difficulties the video doesn’t demonstrate our full hike, I’ve got some kinks to work out. Our hike actually started where the GPS trail ends. oh, and at no point were we traveling at over 50km.


To top off the day, we stopped at a local coffee shop to get some drinks to warm us up and I found this sweet little gem to give to my nieces when I roll through Manitoba.

Maker:L,Date:2017-9-17,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-veIt’s about a little girl and her toy dinosaurs, but it’s close ;-).


  1. Hey good looking… That sounds like an awesome hike. And I love the book for the girls it is perfect. Keep having fun and exploring our beautiful planet.


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