I started this blog to document every stop along the way of my road trip across the country, which would keep the post short so they don’t hit that TLDR status. However, writing down my thoughts does not come naturally to me, I’ve never kept a journal and as recent as a few years ago I hadn’t been so open publicly with my personal affairs (I know that is hard for some of you to believe). I have come a really long way since then and feel like I’ve practically re-invented myself over and over, each time becoming stronger and more confident. Ultimately though this blog will evolve. This road trip will eventually end, so you’ll see more and more personal post like this one.

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, I really don’t have a good excuse because there really are no excuses just decisions. Sure I’ve been busy going here and doing this but with the amount of time I’ve thought about this blog (pretty much daily) over the last couple of months, I should’ve written many many more posts by now, lol. It is actually quite the process to sit down and think how can I make this sound interesting? Or why would someone care about this? Is this just a waste of theirs and my time? Should this line/paragraph go before or after here, I have a thousand pictures of here or there, how many should I post? How many is too much? Am I just rambling to take up space? Is this post too long? Etc…

Hopefully, as I carry on the process will feel and get easier for me and more enjoyable for you. Now I’m not going to make any promises because I believe integrity is a valuable trait and it would kill me inside if I didn’t fall through but I also feel like I’ve got a responsibility to make a better effort to keep you updated. I know this is my trip but there are a number of you that are as excited as I am to share my travels.

I think, if I bunched a few experiences together so I have more to write about on a given area/topic, it’ll help keep the conversation enjoyable without having to resort to just trying to find things to write about to fill space. Some post might get close to that TDLR threshold but that’s ok not everyone can be a winner!

Let’s see how this goes


  1. It takes one step at a time, one thought at a time, one press of a button at a time for the flow of words to be processed and transcribed into words of wisdom. But slowly and surely you will get the hang of it and great things will come of it. Keep going on this journey of self discovery and your words of wisdom will flow like the rivers and processed on these pages for all to enjoy. I look forward to hearing about it as you learn and grow.

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  2. Super awesome… I too have a pretty hard time putting my thoughts into words and writing them down. I am looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.


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