Like I previously stated in my last post I’m going go a bit broader and group the last half of my visit with my sister on the Island into one longer post, Let me know what you think.

So way back in January, my sister and I continued on our journey north to Tofino for a couple of days where the plan was to take some surfing lessons with the surf sisters. However due to the large swells caused by recent earthquakes in the area that didn’t happen :’-( No biggie though we got to spend some quality time together and check out some of the amazing scenery in the area.

I must say some Tofino locals sure have the life with gorgeous beaches, incredible surf,  plenty of amazing log houses nestled amongst the trees. No matter where you are the sound of the ocean is right there outside every window and door.

I’d recommend dining at Jamie’s Rainforest Inn if not to eat at least to check out the artwork. The artwork is made by Pete Clarkson who has been creating sculptures out of marine debris scavenged from the area. He forgoes paint, pencils, and clay, to work with the garbage polluting our oceans and shorelines.

Tofino is also home to the original Tacofino which has some amazing food (Try the Diablo cookie, it’s delicious.) and the Tofino brewery which brews an incredible kelp stout (yup, that’s right it’s brewed with kelp), you can barely if at all taste any kelp in the stout but it is definitely worth trying.

The people in Tofino seem to be extremely positive and happy people living and doing what they do because they want to, whether or not need to.

The whole time I was on the northern half (?) of the island, I was in awe. Canada really does has it all, good and bad. I’ve lived where there are tornado warnings, through the massive flood of 97 in southern Manitoba and the beast, that incredibly destructive fire a couple years ago in northern Alberta. Now I was in a place where there are tsunami warnings and evacuation routes and I’m still in Canada, truly amazing EH!

On our way back to Victoria to drop my sister off at home, we stopped at the enchanted forest and what a treat. The oldest tree here is over 800 years old! I swear there is so much energy concentrated here that you can feel it just walking along the path through the trees, can you imagine what it feels like when you touch them? It’s surreal.

Now you probably have to be in the right state of mind and have a healthy respect for the environment, but the closest I’ve been to feeling so grounded was waiting for my ex-wife while walking barefoot through a chunk of old growth cedars between a small gravel road and a river just outside of Nelson BC.

We made a quick detour before stopping for the night in Nainamo to see the ‘Coumbs market’ and the goats on the roof but much like a bunch of other places, it was closed for the season.

I must say old banks and fire halls make very good watering holes, much like the ‘Bank and Baron’ in Calgary ‘The Vault’ in Nainamo has a certain charm you don’t get from very many other places and is a great place to stop for a coffee, a few drinks with friends and to take in the local wildlife, umm I mean to people watch. There were no judgments here, there seemed to be all walks, styles, and class of people all jammed into the place. It was quite nice.

To sum it all up. I guess I should really be doing a little more research on some of the places I’m going before jumping in the Jeep and heading straight for them, I probably won’t though.

Hit or miss, I am enjoying the experience either way. While on the road I tend to reflect more than I used to on some of the bigger “issues” in my life (which I must admit do seem to have been progressively becoming smaller over the last few years as I’ve developed my mindset and continually simplified my lifestyle) and develop a greater  understanding of who I want to be,  what is really important to me, why I do certain things, how it affects the space and time around me and where I want to focus my energy going forward.

Until next time… 😉

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  1. Wow that is pretty awesome Alexi. I am happy you are getting to do some amazing exploring with your own self and with the world around you. Each day is a new day and a new experience. Have fun and stay safe. Come and visit soon. 💕


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