Over the last couple of years, I have adopted two motto’s thus far to live by to help get me through some pretty tough times that I was going through. The first was “Sine Metu” which means “Without Fear”. After watching a Jamenson Whisky video I decided to create a note on my phone titled “Things to live by” and the first entry was “Sine Metu”. Which got me to let go, not be so uptight and try new things, saying yes to pretty much everything. Which got me out of my shell and helped me become much happier with who I was and who I was becoming.

The second “Always Learning” or “Semper Dischendum” Pronounced [Sem-per Di-chend-dum] came from the fact that as a result of saying yes to almost everything that came my way, I was learning quite a few hard lessons. Unlike before these last couple of years though I was actually taking the time to reflect on the outcome of my decisions and learn from both the good and the bad choices. I think I was listening to “Meditations” By Marcus Aurelius at the time I decided to add it to my list, and only recently decided to translate it to Latin to jive better with my first motto.

I use it to way to remember to learn, always be questioning, seeking and experiencing the new. Instead of staying in my comfortable bubble.